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For You - N.Ex.T D13 arcade
Pack: NX2
Predicted difficulty: Easy 13 - 10.60
Similar charts with Jump, Double step, Jack, Jump run, Solo diagonal twist, No twists:
10: Ika Uka D10, Campanella D10, Go Away S10
11: The Festival Of Ghost 2 (Sneak) S11, Avalanche D11, It's My Business S11
12: Allegro Piu Mosso D12, Bonaccia S12, RE-RAVE D12
13: Will-O-The-Wisp D13, Blow My Mind S13, It's My Business HD13
14: Pink Fuzzy Bunnies S14, Do U Know That-Old School S14, Christmas Memories S14
15: RHYTHM TA S15, Rippin' It Up S15, RE-RAVE D15
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