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Xenesis - Banya Production S18 arcade
Predicted difficulty: Easy-medium 18 - 17.69
Similar charts with Side3 singles, Close diagonal twist:
15: Pumptris 8 Bit ver. SP15, Bee S15, Extravaganza SP15 shortcut
16: HANN (Alone) S16, NX Opening S16 shortcut, BEMERA S16 remix
17: Turkey March -Minimal Tunes- S17, PICK ME S17, Pump Breakers S17
18: Like Me S18, U Got Me Rocking S18, B.P.M. Collection 2(Solitaries) S18
19: %X (Percent X) S19, I Want You S19 shortcut, Phantom -Intermezzo- S19
20: Gothique Resonance S20, DJ Otada S20, Black Dragon S20
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