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Skill: 180 twist

Top singles charts

S7: One Love S7, Starian S7, XTREE S7, SM Town Remix S7 remix, Repeatorment Remix S7 remix, Sechskies Remix S7 remix, Hypnosis S7, Fiesta S7, Street Show Down S7, Novasonic Remix S7 remix, Fiest A Macarena Pt.1 S7, U Got 2 Know S7, Kiss Me S7, Jam O Beat S7, Beyond the Sky S7, Free! S7, Take On Me S7, Super Stylin' S7, Diva's Remix S7 remix, Mission Possible S7
S8: She Likes Pizza S8, Circus Magic S8, Temptation S8, Guitar Man S8 fullsong, It's Over Now S8, Watch Out S8, Space Fantasy S8, Love is a Danger Zone 2 S8 shortcut, I Know S8, EXTRA BanYa Remix S8 remix, Robotix S8, Solitary 2 S8, Terminal S8, Move That Body S8, Break Out S8, Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ S8, Run Away S8, Can Can S8, Back In Boogie Town S8, Tribe Attacker S8
S9: She Likes Pizza S9, Banya Hard Remix S9 remix, Turbo Remix S9 remix, Bambole S9, Zzanga S9, Rainspark S9, NX2 Diva Remix S9 remix, Love is a Danger Zone pt. 2 S9, Sechskies Remix S9 remix, Baroque Virus S9, It's my Party S9, Witch Doctor #1 S9, Yog-Sothoth S9, Shake it Up S9, STOP! & Go S9, What Do You Really Want? S9, Chung Hwa Ban Jeom S9, U Inside My Dim Memory S9 fullsong, La Cubanita S9, First Love (Spanish ver.) S9
S10: First Love (Techno Mix) S10, Let's Get the Party Started S10, Pumptris Quattro SP10, Gargoyle S10, Money S10, Loner S10, Kiss S10, Emperor S10, Man & Woman S10, HOT S10, Ba Be Loo Be Ra S10, Lepton Strike S10, Get Your Groove On S10, Time to Say Goodbye S10, Rising Star S10, Circus Magic S10, We will meet again S10, My Fantasy S10, Don't Bother Me S10, Beat of The War S10
S11: Just a Girl S11, ! S11, 2nd Hidden Remix S11 remix, Monkey Magic S11, Mr. Larpus S11, A Trap S11, RE-RAVE S11, Certain Victory S11, Too Late S11, Turn Around S11, Bambole S11, Flamenco S11, Who S11, Take My Time S11, Emperor S11, Passacaglia S11, Ultramania S11, Gun Rock S11, FFF S11, Arirang S11
S12: A Prison Without Bars S12, First Love (Techno Mix) S12, Eres Para Mi S12, Ba Be Loo Be Ra S12, Kitty Cat S12, Dr. M S12, Perfect! S12, Mission Possible S12, 2nd Hidden Remix S12 remix, Come Back to Me S12, Boulafacet S12, Y S12, Turkey March S12, Switchback S12, Bust Back S12, Hold The Line S12, Who S12, XTREE S12, Coming Out S12, Street Show Down S12
S13: Space Fantasy S13, Born to be Alive S13, Mission Possible S13, UFO Catcher S13, Adios S13, Handsome Character That Pass S13, Wake Up S13, Valenti S13, Oy Oy Oy S13, While Tha Rekkid Spinz S13, Unlikely (Stay With Me) S13, Hello S13, NXA Hip Hop Mix S13 remix, A Little Less Conversation S13, Blow My Mind S13, Twist King S13, So S13, Crazy S13 fullsong, Free Style S13, One Love S13
S14: Can Can S14, Trash Man S14, Enhanced Reality S14, Bemera S14 shortcut, The Rap\ S14, Power of Dream S14, Electrock S14, Kimchi Fingers S14, Shake That Bootie S14, Poseidon S14 shortcut, Funky Tonight S14, Change Myself S14 fullsong, Venus S14, Into My Dream (Kaveh Azizi Remix) S14, Melodia S14, Groove Party S14 remix, Supermagic S14, Chung Hwa Ban Jeom S14, Dignity S14, Dance (The Way It Moves) S14
S15: Pumptris 8 Bit ver. SP15, La Cubanita S15, Beat of The War S15, Right Back Up S15, Conga S15, Heart Breaker S15, U Inside My Dim Memory S15 fullsong, It's my Party S15, Nobody S15, So S15, Final Audition Ep.1 S15, Gargoyle S15, Shake it Up S15, Danza Kuduro S15, Big Beat S15, Kiss Me S15, Love is a Danger Zone S15, Phalanx "RS2018 Edit" S15, Star Command S15, Wedding Crashers S15 shortcut
S16: NX Opening S16 shortcut, Stardust Overdrive S16 shortcut, Final Audition Ep. 2-2 S16, Tales of Pumpnia S16, Clue S16, Jump S16, Extravaganza S16, Valenti S16, Hello S16, Rock the house S16, BEMERA S16 remix, Rooftop S16, Swing Baby S16, Elise S16, Fire S16, Pandora S16, Pumptris 8 Bit ver. S16, Hot Issue S16, Love is a Danger Zone pt. 2 another S16, Heavy Rotation S16
S17: Tek -Club Copenhagen- S17, Toccata S17, Waltz of Doge S17, Pandora S17 fullsong, NOVARASH REMIX S17 remix, K.O.A \ S17, Pumptris Quattro S17, Crayon S17, Slam S17, Donatello S17, Dolly KiSS S17, Hell Flame S17, Gotta Go S17, Canon D FULL Song Mix S17 fullsong, Rising Star S17, Dr. M S17, Heel and Toe S17, Anguished Unmaking S17, Hypnosis(SynthWulf Mix) S17, Name of the Game S17
S18: Stardust Overdrive S18, Jogging S18, Hungarian Dance V S18, Boong Boong (Feat. Sik-K) (Prod. GroovyRoom) S18, You Got Me Crazy S18, Queen Of The Red S18, Feel The Soul S18 fullsong, Club Night S18, Says S18, Hyacinth S18, Red Swan S18, Nyarlathotep S18, Hasse Mich S18, Heavy Rotation S18, Canon D S18, Pump me Amadeus S18, Overblow2 S18, Overblow2 S18, Elise S18, Heart Attack S18
S19: Bad Apple!! (feat. Nomico) S19, Hi-Bi S19, Witch Doctor S19, Repentance S19, Repentance S19, A.U Ready S19, Love is a Danger Zone S19, What Do You Really Want? S19, Super Fantasy S19 shortcut, Enhanced Reality S19, Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) S19, Imagination S19, %X (Percent X) S19, Love is a Danger Zone 2 S19 shortcut, Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) S19, I Want U S19, Love is a Danger Zone 2 S19 fullsong, Banya Classic Remix S19 remix, It's My Business S19 fullsong, Will-O-The-Wisp S19
S20: Let's Get the Party Started S20, Final Audition EP. 2-X S20 shortcut, Love Is A Danger Zone (Cranky Mix) S20, Super Fantasy S20, Kasou Shinja S20 shortcut, A Site De La Rue S20, What Do You Really Want? S20, Log In S20, Ragnarok S20, It's My Business S20, DJ Otada S20
S21: Love is a Danger Zone (try To B.P.M.) S21 remix, Love Is A Danger Zone (Cranky Mix) S21, Love is a Danger Zone pt. 2 S21, HTTP S21, ESCAPE S21, Vacuum S21, PRIME S21, Shub Niggurath S21, Extravaganza S21, Creed - 1st Desire - S21, Leakage Voltage S21, God Mode 2.0 feat. Skizzo S21, Hard Core Rock Mix S21 remix, Windmill S21, Headless Chicken S21, Star Command S21 fullsong, VVV S21, POINT ZERO 2 S21, Beat of The War 2 S21, Adrenaline Blaster S21
S22: Phantom -Intermezzo- S22, Vulcan S22 remix, Indestructible S22, Love is a Danger Zone pt. 2 S22, Creed - 1st Desire - S22 fullsong, Faster Z S22, Club Night S22, Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) S22, Mr. Larpus S22, VVV S22, BRAIN POWER S22, Harmagedon S22, Allegro Con Fuoco S22, Iolite Sky S22, CROSS OVER feat. LyuU S22, Banya-P Guitar Remix S22 remix
S23: Nyarlathotep S23, Good Night S23, Annihilator Method S23, Chimera S23, 1950 S23, Prime Time S23 remix, Fire Noodle Challenge S23 remix, GLORIA S23, 1949 S23, 1950 S23, Final Audition Ep. 2-X S23, Telling Fortune Flower S23, Avalanquiem S23 remix
S24: Achluoias S24, Shub Niggurath S24, Leather S24 remix, Xeroize S24, ESCAPE S24, BEMERA S24 remix

Top doubles charts

D7: Starry Night D7, Take On Me D7, Monkey Fingers DP7, Monkey Fingers D7, Rooftop D7, Swing Baby D7, Zero K Hip-Hop Mix D7 remix, Koul D7, Lala D7, Eres Para Mi D7, Kiss Me D7, Come to Me HD7, EXTRA Hip-Hop Remix D7 remix, Lala D7, Let's Boogie HD7, Black Cat D7, Witch Doctor #1 DP7, Fiest A Macarena Pt.1 D7, Emperor D7, My Best Day is Gone D7
D8: Hypnosis D8, Repeatorment Remix D8 remix, Kiss D8, Master of Puppets HD8, Pump me Amadeus D8, Betrayer D8, My Best Day is Gone HD8, Meteorize D8, We will meet again D8, Beethoven Virus D8, Just a Girl HD8, Feels Just Like That Night D8, Mission Possible D8, Swing Baby HD8, Circus Magic D8, Pom Pom Pom D8, Monkey Magic D8, Dance Vibrations D8, Digan Lo Que Digan DP8, Astral Song D8
D9: It's my Party HD9, Extravaganza D9, Monkey Fingers D9 fullsong, She Likes Pizza D9, Awakening D9, Operator D9, STOP! & Go D9, Conga D9, Guitar Man DP9 fullsong, We will meet again HD9, Temptation HD9, Space Fantasy D9, Oy Oy Oy HD9, Follow me D9, Christmas Memories D9, Starian D9, Groovin' Motion D9, Incognito D9, Summer of Love D9, X Treme D9
D10: Mitotsudaira D10, X Treme D10, Dawn (Perpetual Mix) HD10, Beat of The War HD10, Power of Dream D10, Will-O-The-Wisp HD10, Guitar Man D10, Danger & Danger D10, It's my Party D10, Master of Puppets D10, Adios D10, Hey U D10, Passing Rider D10, Be Alive (Raaban Inc. Mix) D10, Ignition Starts D10, GOOD BYE D10, Y2Z D10, Your Mind D10, Robotix D10, We Don't Stop D10
D11: Dignity D11, Banya Hard Remix D11 remix, Infection HD11, Final Audition Ep.1 D11, Burning Krypt HD11, Turbo Remix D11 remix, Chicken Wing D11, Take My Time D11, Loner D11, Bee D11, Hyperion D11, Monolith D11, Pray D11, Bar Bar Bar D11, Baroque Virus D11, Radius D11, Sora no shirabe D11, Beethoven Virus D11, Turkey Virus D11 remix, Switchback D11
D12: Switronic D12 shortcut, Rock Robotic -OSX Mix- HD12, Money D12, Monkey Magic D12, Beat of The War D12, Round and Round D12, HOT D12, Sunshine D12, Ladybug HD12, Vook HD12, Too Late D12, Born to be Alive D12, Winter HD12, Top City HD12, So D12, ! D12, Soca Make Yuh Ram Ram D12, Everybody D12, Into My Dream (Kaveh Azizi Remix) HD12, Bambole D12
D13: Dr. M HD13, Bullfighting's Song HD13, Fiesta D13, Turn Around D13, First Love (Techno Mix) D13, 2nd Hidden Remix D13 remix, For You D13, Greenhorn D13, Dream To Nightmare D13, Ba Be Loo Be Ra D13, EXTRA BanYa Remix D13 remix, Slam HD13, Energizer D13, Ladybug D13, A.U Ready D13, Feels Just Like That Night D13, %X (Percent X) D13, Passacaglia D13, Zodiac D13, Phantom D13
D14: Master of Puppets D14, One Love D14, Monolith D14, Clap Your Hands D14, Smart Optics D14, Perfect! D14, EternuS HD14, Huu Yah Yeah D14, Do It Yourself D14, DJ Otada D14, Join the Party D14, Lion's Roar D14, Mission Incredible D14, Anubis D14, Monolith D14, Fire D14, Essa Maneira D14, Coming Out HD14, Handsome Character That Pass D14, Hold The Line D14
D15: Jackpot D15, Jackpot D15, Can Can D15, Melodia D15, Supermagic D15, Csikos Post D15, Trash Man D15, Chimera HD15, Amai Yuuwaku Dangerous D15, Bar Bar Bar HD15, Naissance 2 D15, Born to be Alive D15, Napalm D15, STOP! & Go HD15, Adios D15, Destiny HD15, Kiss Me D15, Handsome Character That Pass D15, A Little Less Conversation D15, Lolitabot (Cusimo & Co. Speedy Mix) D15
D16: Extravaganza D16, It's my Party D16, Ba Be Loo Be Ra D16, NX2 K-pop Remix 1 D16 remix, Love is a Danger Zone (try To B.P.M.) HD16 remix, Another Truth D16, Danza Kuduro HD16, Scorpion King D16, Solitary D16, Heart Breaker D16 fullsong, What Do You Really Want? D16, Heart Breaker D16, Ugly Duck Toccata D16 remix, She Likes Pizza D16, Can't Nobody D16 fullsong, The angel who lost wings D16, Campanella D16, Poseidon D16, Energetic D16, Lovumba D16
D17: Do It Yourself D17, U Got Me Rocking D17, Vook D17, We Goin' Fly Remix HD17, Kiss Me D17, Betrayer D17, NX Opening D17 shortcut, SOBER D17, Nobody D17, District 1 D17, Bullfighting's Song D17, Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ D17 shortcut, Circus Magic D17, Money Fingers D17 remix, Chicago Club Mix D17 remix, Starry Night D17, Beat # No.4 D17, 2nd Hidden Remix D17 remix, Tribe Attacker D17, Into My Dream (Kaveh Azizi Remix) D17
D18: You Got Me Crazy D18, Valenti D18, Clue D18, PICK ME D18, I'm so sick D18, Slam D18, Do U Know That-Old School D18, Selfishness D18 shortcut, Slapstick Parfait D18, Watch Out D18, Jogging D18, BEMERA D18 remix, Turkey March -Minimal Tunes- D18, Heel and Toe D18, J Knows That Old Bong D18 remix, Free! D18, BBoom BBoom D18, Clockwork Genesis D18, Native D18, In The Groove D18
D19: Witch Doctor D19, Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ D19 shortcut, We Goin' Fly Remix D19, Guitar Man D19, Me Gustas Tu D19, Mitotsudaira D19, Phantom D19, Log In D19, Final Audition Ep. 2-2 D19, Latino Virus D19, Energetic D19, Shake it Up D19, Final Audition 2 D19, Naissance 2 D19, Slam D19, Gashina D19, Boong Boong (Feat. Sik-K) (Prod. GroovyRoom) D19, Overblow D19, The Little Prince (Prod. Godic) D19, Tepris D19
D20: Twist of Fate (feat. Ruriling) D20, Sugar Conspiracy Theory D20, Banya-P Classic Mix D20 remix, No Rhyme No Reason D20, PRIME D20, Power of Dream D20, Hyun Jin Young Go Jin Young Go D20, Faster Z D20, Phantom HD20, BOOMERANG D20, Scorpion King D20, Right Back Up D20, Baroque Virus D20, POINT ZERO 2 D20, Z - The New Legend D20 fullsong, Red Swan D20, msgoon RMX pt.3 D20 remix, It's My Business D20 fullsong, Renai Yuusha D20, Witch Doctor #1 D20
D21: Headless Chicken D21, Kasou Shinja HD21 shortcut, Bad Apple!! (feat. Nomico) D21, Let's Get the Party Started D21, Papasito (feat. KuTiNA) D21, Crossing Delta D21, Red Snow D21, Time for the moon night D21, Summer (Speedy Mix) D21, No Despair D21, Danger & Danger D21, Iolite Sky D21, Shake it Up D21, Acquaintance D21, DJ Otada D21, Caprice of Otada D21, Super Stylin' D21, What Happened D21, Life is PIANO D21, Imprinting D21
D22: Pavane D22, Jogging D22, XTREE D22, JANUS D22, Bad Apple!! feat. Nomico D22 fullsong, Hypnosis(SynthWulf Mix) D22, Phalanx "RS2018 Edit" D22, Napalm D22, Gun Rock D22, Black Swan D22, Break Out D22, ESCAPE D22, Indestructible D22, Leakage Voltage D22, Pink Fuzzy Bunnies D22, Anguished Unmaking D22, VANISH D22, Dream To Nightmare D22, Final Audition Ep. 2-1 D22, Redline D22
D23: Love Is A Danger Zone (Cranky Mix) D23, Allegro Con Fuoco D23, Danger & Danger D23, Superman D23, Love is a Danger Zone (try To B.P.M.) HD23 remix, Bad End Night D23, Windmill D23, Nihilism - Another Ver. - D23, Reminiscence DP23, Chase Me D23, Witch Doctor D23, Extravaganza Reborn D23, What Are You Doin'? D23 remix, Reminiscence DP23, Reminiscence DP23, Mr. Larpus D23, Setsuna Trip D23, Setsuna Trip D23, Passacaglia D23, Canon D D23
D24: V3 D24, V3 D24, Imprinting D24, Trashy Innocence D24, Banya-P Guitar Remix D24 remix, A Site De La Rue D24, BRAIN POWER D24, Good Night D24, CROSS SOUL D24, GLORIA D24, Nyarlathotep D24 shortcut, The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog D24, Sarabande D24, Dignity D24, Hardkore of the North D24, Dignity D24, Annihilator Method D24, Iolite Sky D24, Iolite Sky D24, Canon D FULL Song Mix D24 fullsong