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Skill: 5-panel stair

Top singles charts

S7: Kiss Me S7, Essa Maneira S7, Monkey Magic S7, Moonstone S7, Power of Dream S7, Final Audition Ep. 2-2 S7, Man vs Mountain S7, Destination S7, Anubis S7, Chicken Wing S7, One Love S7, Feels Just Like That Night S7, Born to be Alive S7, Destiny S7
S8: HANN (Alone) S8, Faster Z S8, We Got 2 Know S8, U Got Me Rocking S8, Sugar Free S8, Terminal S8, Dr.KOA S8 remix, Run Away S8, Ladybug S8, Smells Like A Chocolate S8, 80's pop S8, Photosynthesis S8, K.O.A \ S8, Ignition Starts S8, Shooting Star S8, Love is a Danger Zone 2 S8 shortcut, J Knows That Old Bong S8 remix, Sweet Senorita S8, Starry Night S8, Till the end of time S8
S9: Energetic S9, It's my Party S9, Jackpot S9, Jackpot S9, Dr. M S9, Removable Disk0 S9, Take Me Back S9, Tales of Pumpnia S9, We Don't Stop S9, I'm Sorry S9, Up & Down S9, VERY NICE S9, Rooftop S9, Style On My Speed Dial S9, You Got Me Crazy S9, Till the end of time S9, I'm so sick S9, Very good S9, Houseplan S9, Night Duty S9
S10: Flying duck S10, Sorceress Elise S10, Ice of Death S10, Toccata S10, Infinity S10, Valenti S10, Obelisque S10, GLORIA S10, Cannon X.1 S10, Ba Be Loo Be Ra S10, Switronic S10 shortcut, Bee S10, Csikos Post S10, Will-O-The-Wisp S10, RE-RAVE S10, Death Moon S10, Iolite Sky S10, Beethoven Virus S10, Let's Get the Party Started S10, Coalesce S10
S11: Lucid(PIU Edit) S11, THE REVOLUTION S11, Travel to future S11, Bambole S11, The Reverie S11, Heart Attack S11, Ragnarok S11, Super Stylin' S11, PRIME S11, Imprinting S11, Wedding Crashers S11 shortcut, Red Snow S11, Accident S11, I Want You S11 shortcut, London Bridge S11, Fiesta S11, Start On Red S11, XX OPENING S11 shortcut, Funk Factory S11, Power Trip S11
S12: Wham Bam Boogie S12, Cross Time S12, Hold The Line S12, Come to Me S12, Aliens in Our Midst S12, Ba Be Loo Be Ra S12, Pumptris Quattro S12, After a thousand years S12, Ladybug S12, Kokugen Kairou Labyrinth S12, Donatello S12, Nyarlathotep S12, Bust Back S12, Sarabande S12, Magic Girl S12 fullsong, Poco Loco S12, The Devil S12, Sora no shirabe S12, Imagination S12, Macaron Day S12
S13: Yog-Sothoth S13 shortcut, Born to be Alive S13, Bang The Bass S13, Handsome Character That Pass S13, One Love S13, Setsuna Trip S13, Hello S13, Maslo S13, BOOMBAYAH S13, Breathing You In S13, Ugly Dee S13, Beethoven Virus S13, YOU AND I S13, Can Can S13, Dance All Night S13, UFO Catcher S13, NXA Hip Hop Mix S13 remix, Wanna S13, Rock Robotic -OSX Mix- S13, Exotica S13
S14: Poseidon S14 shortcut, Can Can S14, HUSH S14, Chimera S14, Terminal S14, Tribe Attacker S14, Fighting Spirits S14, Do U Know That-Old School S14, Power of Dream S14, Anubis S14, Will-O-The-Wisp S14, Bemera S14 shortcut, Rainspark S14, Trashy Innocence S14, Innocent S14, Funky Tonight S14, Amai Yuuwaku Dangerous S14, Trash Man S14, Move It Groove It S14, Closer to Heaven S14
S15: It's my Party S15, Pump Jump S15, Me Gustas Tu S15, B.P.M. Collection 1(Auditions) S15, NUMBER NINE S15, Gashina S15 fullsong, Beautiful S15, Come to Me S15, On and On S15, Pop House Remix S15 remix, Chopsticks Challenge S15 fullsong, RUN! S15, I'm so sick S15, Love is a Danger Zone pt. 2 S15, Really Really S15, Conga S15, Adios S15, Ugly Duck Toccata S15 remix, Starian S15, Hate, Don't Hate! S15
S16: 80's pop S16, Flying duck S16, Chimera S16, Butterfly S16, Love is a Danger Zone pt. 2 another S16, Beethoven Virus S16, Compunction S16, Hello S16, Campanella S16, Wanna S16 fullsong, Valenti S16, Baroque Virus S16 fullsong, Hold the Line S16 fullsong, Allegro Con Fuoco S16, Solitary 1.5 S16, Utopia S16, Toccata S16, Energetic S16, Me Gustas Tu S16 fullsong, Final Audition 2 S16
S17: Tek -Club Copenhagen- S17, Take Me Back S17, Night Duty S17, Night Duty S17, Baroque Virus S17, ASDF S17, Obelisque S17, Love Eternal S17, Move That Body! S17 shortcut, Feel The Soul S17, Chopsticks Challenge S17, My Dreams S17, Set Up Me2 Mix S17 remix, Feel My Happiness S17, Starry Night S17 fullsong, Star Command S17, Toccata S17, Novasonic Mix ver.3 S17 remix, I'm so sick S17, Turkey March -Minimal Tunes- S17
S18: Procedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun Acuerdo S18 shortcut, D S18, Higgledy Piggledy S18, Sorceress Elise S18, Setsuna Trip S18, I'm so sick S18 fullsong, Forgotten Vampire S18, Solitary 2 S18, Interference S18 fullsong, We Got 2 Know S18, Switronic S18 shortcut, Caprice of Otada S18, ESCAPE S18, Silhouette Effect S18 shortcut, Dr.KOA S18 remix, King of Sales S18, You Got Me Crazy S18, Feel The Soul S18 fullsong, The Festival Of Ghost 2 (Sneak) S18, Switchback S18
S19: Pumptris Quattro S19, Pumptris Quattro S19, Faster Z S19, STOP! & Go S19, Death Moon S19, Requiem S19, THE REVOLUTION S19, Sarabande S19, Love is a Danger Zone 2 S19 fullsong, Pavane S19, The Devil S19, Final Audition Ep.1 S19, Banya-P Classic Mix S19 remix, Tales of Pumpnia S19, Headless Chicken S19, Mission Possible -Blow Back- S19, Fallen Angel S19, Fallen Angel S19, B.P.M. Collection 3(Pumpts) S19, Bee S19
S20: Hyperion S20 shortcut, Pink Fuzzy Bunnies S20, Energy [Alternate Version] S20, Kasou Shinja S20 shortcut, The Festival Of Ghost 2 (Sneak) S20, Vook S20, Final Audition Ep. 2-1 S20, Black Dragon S20, Dignity S20, Destination S20, Gashina S20 fullsong, DJ Otada S20, Passing Rider S20, Mr. Larpus S20, Let's Get the Party Started S20, Le Grand Rouge S20, Cannon X.1 S20, Ice of Death S20, After a thousand years S20, Faster Z S20
S21: Poseidon S21 shortcut, King of Sales S21, Windmill S21, PRIME S21, Love is a Danger Zone (try To B.P.M.) S21 remix, Dawn of the Apocalypse S21, Donatello S21, Love Is A Danger Zone (Cranky Mix) S21, Extravaganza S21, Cleaner S21 shortcut, Love is a Danger Zone pt. 2 S21, WI-EX-DOC-VA S21 remix, Hardkore of the North S21, Time for the moon night S21 fullsong, Creed - 1st Desire - S21, YOU AND I S21, Wedding Crashers S21, THE REVOLUTION S21, Dream To Nightmare S21, Yog-Sothoth S21 shortcut
S22: Mr. Larpus S22, FFF S22, Uranium S22, Desaparecer S22 remix, Love is a Danger Zone pt. 2 S22, Repentance S22, Repentance S22, Boulafacet S22, Iolite Sky S22, Dream To Nightmare S22, Allegro Con Fuoco S22, Vulcan S22 remix, Robot battle S22, Final Audition Ep. 2-2 S22, Faster Z S22, Dignity S22, Further S22, Achluoias S22, BRAIN POWER S22, Creed - 1st Desire - S22 fullsong
S23: Chimera S23, Crashday S23, Good Night S23, Sorceress Elise S23, Annihilator Method S23, Trashy Innocence S23, Kokugen Kairou Labyrinth S23, Kokugen Kairou Labyrinth S23, Vacuum S23, 1950 S23, 1950 S23, Yog-Sothoth S23, Dream To Nightmare S23, Allegro Con Fuoco S23 fullsong, GLORIA S23, Telling Fortune Flower S23, Dement ~After Legend~ S23, Avalanquiem S23 remix, HEART RABBIT COASTER S23, Cleaner S23
S24: Achluoias S24, BEMERA S24 remix, Xeroize S24, ESCAPE S24, Crashday S24, Shub Niggurath S24, Skeptic S24, Leather S24 remix, Pine Nut S24

Top doubles charts

D7: Sweet Senorita D7, Photosynthesis D7, Fiest A Macarena Pt.1 D7, Arch of Darkness D7, Unlikely (Stay With Me) D7, Epilogue D7, Monkey Fingers D7, Monkey Fingers DP7, Loner D7, Who D7, It's Over Now D7, In The Night D7, Rock Robotic -OSX Mix- D7, SM Town Remix D7 remix, Sechskies Remix D7 remix
D8: Breathing You In D8, Do U Know That-Old School DP8, Electrock D8, DJ Superstar D8, Pump me Amadeus D8, Allegro Con Fuoco D8, Ai, Yurete... D8, Csikos Post D8, Rave Until The Night Is Over D8, Bang The Bass D8, Mission Incredible D8, Free! D8, Gargoyle D8, Nina PXNDX Mix D8 remix
D9: Allegro Con Fuoco D9, Hellfire D9, Money Fingers D9 remix, Essa Maneira D9, Rainspark D9, Space Fantasy D9, Heart Attack D9, Memory D9, Awakening D9, Monkey Fingers D9 fullsong
D10: Take Me Back D10, X Treme D10, Rage of Fire D10, Move That Body D10, RE-RAVE D10, It's my Party D10, Time Attack D10, The Last Firstborn D10, La Cubanita D10, K.O.A \ D10, Ignition Starts D10, We Don't Stop D10, Arcana Force D10, Violet Perfume D10, Idealized Romance D10, Guitar Man D10, Y2Z D10, VVV D10, Twist of Fate (feat. Ruriling) D10, PICK ME D10
D11: Heel and Toe D11, Lucid(PIU Edit) D11, Beethoven Virus D11, Enhanced Reality D11, Baroque Virus D11, Obelisque D11, Utsushiyo No Kaze feat. Kana D11, Bee D11, Turkey Virus D11 remix, Sarabande D11, Uranium D11, Hyperion D11, Cycling! D11, Helix D11, The Game of Love D11, In The Night D11, Rock the house D11, Chicken Wing D11, Dr. M D11, The Little Prince (Prod. Godic) D11
D12: Soca Make Yuh Ram Ram D12, Bambole D12, Leakage Voltage D12, What Happened D12, Watch Out D12, Break It Down D12, CROSS SOUL D12, Eternity D12, Funk Factory D12, Overblow D12, Beat of The War D12, Beautiful D12, Get Up! D12, Xuxa D12, It's Over Now D12, District 1 D12, Necromancy D12, Nemesis D12, Oh! Rosa D12, Oh! Rosa (Spanish ver.) D12
D13: Smells Like A Chocolate D13, Online D13, Rave 'til the Earth's End D13, Rave'til the earth's end D13, Stardust Overdrive D13, My Brother is Street Singer D13, Achluoias D13, Terminal D13, Wedding Crashers D13, BSPower Explosion D13, Pumptris Quattro D13, Betrayer D13, BEDLAM D13, Emperor D13, Disco Punks on Jolt D13, Fiesta D13, Ba Be Loo Be Ra D13, Red Snow D13, Go D13, Robot battle D13
D14: The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog D14, One Love D14, Handsome Character That Pass D14, Jam O Beat D14, Hold The Line D14, Get My Phone Call D14, CHICKEN WING D14 shortcut, Can Can D14, Skeptic D14, Further D14, Energetic D14, Tritium D14, You again my love D14, Terminal Depository D14, Concerto D14, Exciting D14, The Devil D14, Enjoy! Enjoy! D14, I'm The Best D14 fullsong, Incognito D14
D15: Can Can D15, Power of Dream D15, Swing Baby Swing D15, Chopstix D15, Electrock D15, Interference D15 fullsong, Fire Game D15, Prime Opening D15 shortcut, Fighting Spirits D15, Very Old Couples D15, Born to be Alive D15, Danger & Danger D15, Chaotic WHITE D15, Love is a Danger Zone D15, BOOMBAYAH D15, Amai Yuuwaku Dangerous D15, Foxy Lady D15, Fallen Angel D15, Fallen Angel D15, Katkoi D15
D16: Ba Be Loo Be Ra D16, Chimera D16, It's my Party D16, Me Gustas Tu D16, Campanella D16, Miss's Story D16, King of the Beats D16, N D16, Step D16, Switchback D16, Pop House Remix D16 remix, Shake That Bootie D16, Final Audition 3 D16 shortcut, Maslo D16, Really Really D16, Pop The Track D16 shortcut, Eres Para Mi D16, Hate, Don't Hate! D16, FLY D16, Can't Nobody D16 fullsong
D17: Kiss Me D17, Crashday D17, STEP D17 fullsong, HANN (Alone) D17, Utopia D17, BOOMBAYAH D17, Obelisque D17, ASDF D17, Heel and Toe D17, It's My Business D17, 80's pop D17, Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ D17 shortcut, Tales of Pumpnia D17, Switchback D17, Final Audition 2 D17, Final Audition 3 D17, Rave Until The Night Is Over D17, Me Gustas Tu D17 fullsong, Repentance D17, U Got Me Rocking D17
D18: Beautiful D18, Do U Know That-Old School D18, Everybody Got 2 Know D18 remix, Canon D D18, Baroque Virus D18, Hold the Line D18 fullsong, I'm so sick D18, Heel and Toe D18, You Got Me Crazy D18, Idealized Romance D18, Crowdpleaser (Drop the Mic Mix) D18, Xeroize D18, Solitary 1.5 D18, Milky Way Galaxy D18, Waltz of Doge D18, The Next Step D18, My Dreams D18, Power Trip D18, Watch Out D18, Caprice of Otada D18
D19: Final Audition 2 D19, Allegro Con Fuoco D19, Caprice of Otada D19, JANUS D19, Chopsticks Challenge D19 fullsong, Reminiscence D19, Final Audition 3 D19, U Inside My Dim Memory D19 fullsong, Hardkore Atomic D19, Energetic D19, Allegro Piu Mosso D19, Sudden Romance (PIU Edit) D19, Tepris D19, Jonathan's Dream D19, Boong Boong (Feat. Sik-K) (Prod. GroovyRoom) D19, Rage of Fire D19, Solitary 2 D19, Smile Diary D19, Me Gustas Tu D19, Chinese restaurant D19
D20: Tell Me A Story (Compendium Mix) D20, Love is a Danger Zone D20, Waltz of Doge D20, Solitary 2 D20, Rave'til the earth's end D20, Rave 'til the Earth's End D20, Leakage Voltage D20, Banya-P Classic Mix D20 remix, Forgotten Vampire D20, Forgotten Vampire D20, No Rhyme No Reason D20, Rooftop D20, Redline D20, Ai, Yurete... D20, Power of Dream D20, Start On Red D20, Fire D20 fullsong, I'm so sick D20, Nemesis D20, Gotta Go D20
D21: Tream Vook of the war REMIX D21 remix, Red Snow D21, Final Audition Ep.1 D21, Love Eternal D21, V3 D21, V3 D21, Arirang D21, Magic Girl D21, Chimera D21, Sarabande D21, Hypnosis(SynthWulf Mix) D21, Let's Get the Party Started D21, Bee D21, What Happened D21, Hungarian Dance V D21, Pump me Amadeus D21, Allegro Con Fuoco D21 fullsong, Final Audition Ep. 2-X D21, Time for the moon night D21, God Mode feat. skizzo D21
D22: Gun Rock D22, Final Audition Ep. 2-1 D22, Tream Vook of the war REMIX D22 remix, THE REVOLUTION D22, Pumptris Quattro D22, Interference D22, Love is a Danger Zone 2 D22 shortcut, THE REVOLUTION D22, JANUS D22, Pavane D22, Adrenaline Blaster D22, Faster Z D22, Donatello D22, Good Night D22, Cannon X.1 D22, ! D22, Jogging D22, VVV D22, Cross Time D22, Passacaglia D22
D23: Bee D23, Love is a Danger Zone pt. 2 D23, Hellfire D23, Requiem D23, VVV D23, Repentance D23, Love Is A Danger Zone (Cranky Mix) D23, Necromancy D23, Take Out D23, Danger & Danger D23, King of Sales D23, Mental Rider D23, Superman D23, Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) D23, Hyacinth D23, Mr. Larpus D23, Death Moon D23 shortcut, Reminiscence DP23, Creed - 1st Desire - D23, WI-EX-DOC-VA D23 remix
D24: V3 D24, V3 D24, Dignity D24, Sarabande D24, Final Audition Ep. 2-X D24, Time for the moon night D24 fullsong, BEDLAM D24, Robot battle D24, Full Moon D24, Dignity D24, Uranium D24, The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog D24, VANISH D24, Sorceress Elise D24, GLORIA D24, Boulafacet D24, Conflict D24, Iolite Sky D24, Iolite Sky D24, THE REVOLUTION D24