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Skill: Bracket hold tap

Top singles charts

S7: Come to Me S7
S8: Necromancy S8, Smells Like A Chocolate S8, EXTRA BanYa Remix S8 remix, UFO Catcher S8
S11: Join the Party S11, In The Groove S11, Power Trip S11, London Bridge S11, Who S11, You Bring The Rain S11
S12: Aliens in Our Midst S12, So S12, Ba Be Loo Be Ra S12, Dance All Night S12, My Friend S12
S13: Wake Up S13, Blow My Mind S13, Deadbeat Boyfriend S13, Mr. Fire Fighter S13, Born to be Alive S13, Rapper's Delight S13, Concerto S13, Bang The Bass S13, One Love S13, Unlikely (Stay With Me) S13, Esperanza (The Trinity) S13, Maslo S13, SOBER S13, All Of The World S13, UFO Catcher S13, Dieciseis S13, While Tha Rekkid Spinz S13
S14: Dance Vibrations S14, Like Me S14, LOVE SCENARIO S14, Swing the House S14, Coalesce S14, Into My Dream (Kaveh Azizi Remix) S14, Slightly S14, For You S14, We Are Loud S14, Bon Bon Chocolat S14, Robotix S14, Z - The New Legend S14 fullsong, Power of Dream S14, Be Alive (Raaban Inc. Mix) S14, HUSH S14, Tribe Attacker S14, Hasse Mich S14
S15: Lala S15, Extravaganza SP15 shortcut, Heart Breaker S15, Utopia (The Trinity) S15, Can't Nobody S15 fullsong, It's my Party S15, Snapping S15, Good Life S15, Very good S15, Infection S15, Zodiac (The Trinity) S15, STOP! & Go S15, Fire Noodle Challenge S15 remix
S16: Break It Down S16, You Fall in Me S16, Heart Breaker S16 fullsong, I'll Give You All My Love S16, Rock the house S16, Valenti S16, Compunction S16, Campanella S16, Sarabande S16, Hot Issue S16, Stardust Overdrive S16 shortcut, Love is a Danger Zone pt. 2 another S16, Awakening S16, NX Opening S16 shortcut, Crossing Delta S16, B2 S16, Street Show Down S16, Shock S16, Extravaganza S16
S17: Imagination S17, Anguished Unmaking S17, Pumptris Quattro S17, Smells Like A Chocolate S17, Necromancy S17, Bad Apple!! feat. Nomico S17 fullsong, Beat # No. 4 S17 fullsong, Macaron Day S17, Hell Flame S17, SOBER S17, You Fall in Me S17, BUNGEE (Fall in Love) S17, What Happened S17, Hestia S17, PUMP IT UP with YOU S17 remix, Dolly KiSS S17, 80's pop S17, Can't Nobody S17, Caprice of Otada S17, J Knows That Old Bong S17 remix
S18: ESCAPE S18, You Got Me Crazy S18, Infinity S18, BANG BANG BANG S18 fullsong, Log In S18, Procedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun Acuerdo S18, D S18, Hungarian Dance V S18, Witch Doctor #1 S18, Switchback S18, U Got Me Rocking S18, D Gang S18, Solitary 2 S18, Jonathan's Dream S18, Skeptic S18, Moment Day S18, Rage of Fire S18, Robot battle S18, Sugar Plum S18, Hypnosis S18
S19: Waltz of Doge S19, STOP! & Go S19, Tales of Pumpnia S19, Witch Doctor S19, GOOD BYE S19 fullsong, GOOD BYE S19 fullsong, Twist of Fate (feat. Ruriling) S19, Final Audition Ep.1 S19, Snapping S19, %X (Percent X) S19, Chase Me S19 fullsong, Hyun Jin Young Go Jin Young Go S19, Beat of The War 2 S19 fullsong, Phantom S19, Baroque Virus S19 fullsong, Fallen Angel S19, Fallen Angel S19, Rockhill S19, Night Duty S19, Slapstick Parfait S19
S20: The End of the World ft. Skizzo S20, Mad5cience S20, Final Audition EP. 2-X S20 shortcut, Energy [Alternate Version] S20, GLORIA S20, Chimera S20, Point Zero One S20, Le Grand Rouge S20, Allegro Furioso S20, Pink Fuzzy Bunnies S20, Let's Get the Party Started S20, 8 6 S20, Over The Horizon S20, Move That Body S20, Move That Body S20, Love is a Danger Zone S20 shortcut, Take Out S20, Fire Noodle Challenge S20 remix, Beat of The War 2 S20 fullsong, Full Moon S20
S21: ESCAPE S21, Meteo5cience (GADGET mix) S21 remix, Headless Chicken S21, Elise S21, Chase Me S21, Infinity S21, Xeroize S21, YOU AND I S21, The Reverie S21, Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) S21 shortcut, Keep On! S21, Broken Karma (PIU EDIT) S21, What Happened S21, Your Mind S21, VVV S21, Nihilism - Another Ver. - S21, HTTP S21, Poseidon S21 shortcut, Baroque Virus S21 fullsong, King of Sales S21
S22: Nyarlathotep S22 shortcut, FFF S22, La Cinquantaine S22, Banya-P Guitar Remix S22 remix, Harmagedon S22, BEDLAM S22, Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) S22, DESTRUCIMATE S22, Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ S22, BRAIN POWER S22, Further S22, Vulcan S22 remix, VVV S22, Paved Garden S22, Faster Z S22, Robot battle S22, Clematis Rapsodia S22, Harmagedon S22, Indestructible S22, Shub Niggurath S22 shortcut
S23: Kokugen Kairou Labyrinth S23, Kokugen Kairou Labyrinth S23, Sorceress Elise S23, Vacuum S23, Chimera S23, GLORIA S23, ERRORCODE 0 S23 remix, ERRORCODE 0 S23 remix, Nyarlathotep S23, VVV S23, F(R)IEND S23, Good Night S23, Fire Noodle Challenge S23 remix, Cleaner S23, 1950 S23, 1950 S23, Telling Fortune Flower S23, Yog-Sothoth S23, Trashy Innocence S23, 1949 S23
S24: ESCAPE S24, Skeptic S24, Xeroize S24, Leather S24 remix

Top doubles charts

D7: EXTRA Hip-Hop Remix D7 remix
D8: Gargoyle D8
D10: Arch of Darkness HD10, Smart Optics D10, Another Truth HD10
D11: Ugly Dee D11, In The Night D11, Shine (Breakz Mix) D11
D12: Memory D12, Funk Factory D12, Gun Rock HD12, Round and Round D12, Moonstone D12, Red Swan D12, You Bring The Rain D12, What Happened D12, Boom Digi Da D12, Coalesce HD12, HOT D12, It's Over Now D12, Slapstick Parfait D12
D13: July -Euromix- D13, Smells Like A Chocolate D13, Go D13, Online D13, Cosmic Unconsciousness D13, EXTRA BanYa Remix D13 remix, Who D13, I Think I Like That Sound D13
D14: Ugly Dee D14, Tribe Attacker D14, One Love D14, Incognito D14, London Bridge D14, Anubis D14, Skeptic D14, Monolith D14, Gargoyle HD14, While Tha Rekkid Spinz D14, In The Groove D14
D15: Ugly Dee D15, Oasis D15, Foxy Lady D15, Born to be Alive D15, Chimera HD15, Can Can D15, RE-RAVE HD15, Monolith HD15, Photosynthesis D15, Extravaganza HD15
D16: Watch Out HD16, Destiny D16, Heart Breaker D16 fullsong, Snapping D16, It's my Party D16, Lala D16, Adios D16, BANG BANG BANG D16, Gargoyle D16
D17: Emperor D17, Break It Down D17, Chicago Club Mix D17 remix, Cutie Song D17, BOOMBAYAH D17, We Goin' Fly Remix HD17, Solitary 2 HD17, Feel The Soul D17, 80's pop D17, Me Gustas Tu D17 fullsong
D18: Exceed2 Opening D18 shortcut, Join the Party D18, Anguished Unmaking D18, VANISH D18, You Got Me Crazy D18, Do U Know That-Old School D18, Dance Vibrations D18, NEKKOYA (PICK ME) D18, I'll Give You All My Love D18, Cosmical Rhythm D18, X-Rave D18, Macaron Day D18, Bad Apple!! feat. Nomico D18 fullsong, Valenti D18, PRIME2 Opening D18 shortcut, BUNGEE (Fall in Love) D18, Life is PIANO D18, Utsushiyo No Kaze feat. Kana D18, BEMERA D18 remix, VVV HD18
D19: ESCAPE D19, ESCAPE D19, Robot battle D19, I'll Give You All My Love D19, Log In D19, Loki D19, Energetic D19, Necromancy D19, U Inside My Dim Memory D19 fullsong, Rising Star D19, Rage of Fire D19, Kill Them! D19, Witch Doctor #1 HD19, Phantom D19, Jonathan's Dream D19, Helix D19, %X (Percent X) D19, Like Me D19, B.P Classic Remix D19 remix, HANN (Alone) D19 fullsong
D20: Enhanced Reality D20, Waltz of Doge D20, Allegro Furioso D20, The Festival Of Ghost 2 (Sneak) D20, Hyun Jin Young Go Jin Young Go D20, Awakening D20, Final Audition EP. 2-X D20 shortcut, Clue D20, Gotta Go D20, No Rhyme No Reason D20, Tales of Pumpnia D20, YOU AND I D20, Cross Time D20, Witch Doctor #1 D20, PICK ME D20, Indestructible D20, Gothique Resonance D20, It's My Business D20 fullsong, Beat of The War 2 D20 fullsong, Lucid(PIU Edit) D20
D21: Kimchi Fingers D21, 8 6 D21, Cutie Song D21, GLORIA D21, Phalanx "RS2018 Edit" D21, Magic Girl D21, Phantom -Intermezzo- D21, Fly high D21, The Reverie D21, Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) D21 shortcut, Let's Get the Party Started D21, Dawn of the Apocalypse D21, Crossing Delta D21, Over The Horizon D21, Final Audition Ep.1 D21, GOOD BYE D21 fullsong, GOOD BYE D21 fullsong, Vacuum D21, Fire Noodle Challenge D21 remix, Final Audition Ep. 2-X D21
D22: Meteo5cience (GADGET mix) D22 remix, Rock the house D22, Le Grand Rouge D22, ESCAPE D22, VANISH D22, Skeptic D22, Adrenaline Blaster D22, Kokugen Kairou Labyrinth D22, Indestructible D22, VVV D22, Leather D22 remix, Extravaganza D22 shortcut, JANUS D22, Dream To Nightmare D22, Seize My Day D22, Further D22, THE REVOLUTION D22, Xeroize D22, Hypnosis(SynthWulf Mix) D22, Fires of Destiny D22
D23: Final Audition Ep.1 D23, Crossing Delta D23, Telling Fortune Flower D23, Chase Me D23, Reminiscence DP23, Baroque Virus D23 fullsong, Kasou Shinja D23, HTTP D23, Desaparecer D23 remix, Hasse Mich D23, What Happened D23, Lucid(PIU Edit) D23, Lepton Strike D23, Danger & Danger D23, VVV D23, Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ D23, Clematis Rapsodia D23, Shub Niggurath D23, Necromancy D23, Final Audition Ep. 2-2 D23
D24: Banya-P Guitar Remix D24 remix, Harmagedon D24, A Site De La Rue D24, DESTRUCIMATE D24, FFF D24, Infinity D24, VANISH D24, La Cinquantaine D24, GLORIA D24, Annihilator Method D24, Paved Garden D24, BRAIN POWER D24, ERRORCODE 0 D24 remix, Iolite Sky D24, Iolite Sky D24, CROSS SOUL D24, BEDLAM D24, Vulcan D24 remix, Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) D24, Dement ~After Legend~ D24