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Skill: Bracket jump run

Top singles charts

S9: D Gang S9
S10: Go Away S10
S12: Aliens in Our Midst S12, Koul S12, Come to Me S12
S13: Blow My Mind S13, Ugly Dee S13, We will meet again S13
S14: Slightly S14, Master of Puppets S14, Pierrot S14, Do U Know That-Old School S14, Will-O-The-Wisp S14, Can Can S14
S15: Another Truth S15, Come to Me S15, Rock the house S15 shortcut, BBoom BBoom S15, Lolitabot (Cusimo & Co. Speedy Mix) S15, U Inside My Dim Memory S15 fullsong, Vacuum Cleaner S15 remix
S16: Los Malaventurados No Lloran S16, HIT S16, K.O.A \ S16 shortcut, XX OPENING S16 shortcut, Elise S16, Allegro Con Fuoco S16, Campanella S16, Swing Baby S16, Y2Z S16, Deja Vu S16 fullsong, Energizer S16
S17: Up & Down S17, LOVE SCENARIO S17, BBoom BBoom S17 fullsong, The End of the World ft. Skizzo S17, Novasonic Mix ver.3 S17 remix, Gotta Go S17, Tribe Attacker S17, Leakage Voltage S17, Night Duty S17, Night Duty S17, Rising Star S17, Dolly KiSS S17, Starry Night S17 fullsong, Chicken Wing S17, VERY NICE S17, Slam S17, Pro POP Mix S17 remix, Selfishness S17, Love Is A Danger Zone (Cranky Mix) S17
S18: Nakakapagpabagabag S18, Gun Rock S18, Idealized Romance S18, You Got Me Crazy S18, Hungarian Dance V S18, Clematis Rapsodia S18, What Happened S18, Witch Doctor #1 S18, D Gang S18, B.P.M. Collection 2(Solitaries) S18, Euphoria S18, Chimera S18, Ineffective Boss Without Power S18, Adrenaline Blaster S18
S19: HIT S19, Sarabande S19 shortcut, Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ S19, Death Moon S19 shortcut, Smile Diary S19, Break Out S19, F(R)IEND S19, DIGNITY FULL SONG MIX S19 fullsong, Sarabande S19, Slapstick Parfait S19, Tales of Pumpnia S19, Chimera S19, Black Swan S19, Mission Possible S19, Blazing S19, Sudden Romance (PIU Edit) S19, Star Command S19, Paved Garden S19, VERY NICE S19 fullsong, Annihilator Method S19
S20: Utsushiyo No Kaze feat. Kana S20, The Festival Of Ghost 2 (Sneak) S20, Mad5cience S20, Crossing Delta S20, Gothique Resonance S20, Super Fantasy S20, Dignity S20, Dignity S20, Fires of Destiny S20, A Site De La Rue S20, CHICKEN WING S20 shortcut, It's My Business S20, Move That Body S20, Move That Body S20, Kimchi Fingers S20, Over The Horizon S20, Chimera S20, Mr. Larpus S20, Gashina S20 fullsong, Pink Fuzzy Bunnies S20
S21: Dream To Nightmare S21, King of Sales S21, POINT ZERO 2 S21, ESCAPE S21, Nyarlathotep S21, Infinity S21, Time for the moon night S21 fullsong, Elise S21, What Happened S21, Hard Core Rock Mix S21 remix, Wedding Crashers S21, Cleaner S21, Chase Me S21, 1949 S21, Keep On! S21, Adrenaline Blaster S21, Meteo5cience (GADGET mix) S21 remix
S22: Dream To Nightmare S22, Papasito (feat. KuTiNA) S22 fullsong, Club Night S22, Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ S22, Death Moon S22 shortcut, Desaparecer S22 remix, Repentance S22, Repentance S22, Mr. Larpus S22, Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) S22, Lepton Strike S22, Paved Garden S22, BSPower Explosion S22, Vulcan S22 remix
S23: Dream To Nightmare S23, 1949 S23, Allegro Con Fuoco S23 fullsong, Crashday S23, Avalanquiem S23 remix, Annihilator Method S23, F(R)IEND S23, HEART RABBIT COASTER S23, Cleaner S23, Telling Fortune Flower S23
S24: ESCAPE S24, Crashday S24, Shub Niggurath S24, BEMERA S24 remix, Leather S24 remix

Top doubles charts

D10: One Last Chance D10
D13: I'm Just a DJ D13
D14: Mission Incredible D14, D Gang D14
D15: Pump me Amadeus HD15, Can Can D15
D16: Another Truth D16, U Inside My Dim Memory HD16, So D16, Hot Issue D16 fullsong
D17: Another Truth D17, Nobody D17, Deja Vu D17, The End of the World ft. Skizzo D17, Astral Song D17, Do It Yourself D17, NX Opening D17 shortcut, Mr. Larpus D17, Solitary 2 HD17, 2nd Hidden Remix D17 remix
D18: Los Malaventurados No Lloran D18, HIT D18, Idealized Romance D18, Black Cat D18, Power Trip D18, Hell Flame D18, V3 D18, V3 D18, Starry Night D18 fullsong, VERY NICE D18, Slam D18, Selfishness D18, Requiem D18, BBoom BBoom D18 fullsong
D19: LOVE SCENARIO D19, Pop Sequence D19, Nakakapagpabagabag D19, Utsushiyo No Kaze feat. Kana D19, Rising Star D19, Hardkore Atomic D19, Smile Diary D19, A Maelstrom D19, Allegro Con Fuoco D19, Will-O-The-Wisp D19, Clematis Rapsodia D19, Me Gustas Tu D19, Witch Doctor #1 HD19, Slam D19, Latino Virus D19, Solitary 2 D19, Obliteration D19
D20: Gothique Resonance D20, Tales of Pumpnia D20, Rooftop D20, Adios D20, Fallen Angel D20, Nemesis D20, Ai, Yurete... D20, Leakage Voltage D20, Sugar Conspiracy Theory D20, Final Audition EP. 2-X D20 shortcut, Hyperion D20, Allegro Furioso D20, Rock the house D20 shortcut, Solitary 2 D20, YOU AND I D20, VERY NICE D20 fullsong, Annihilator Method D20, It's My Business D20 fullsong, Cross Time D20, Arcana Force D20
D21: Red Swan D21, Break It Down D21, HIT D21, Crossing Delta D21, Papasito (feat. KuTiNA) D21 fullsong, Club Night D21, The End of the World ft. Skizzo D21, What Happened D21, Fallen Angel D21, Slapstick Parfait D21, Dawn of the Apocalypse D21, V3 D21, V3 D21, Paved Garden D21, Over The Horizon D21, Sarabande D21, Gashina D21 fullsong, GOOD BYE D21, Keep On! D21, Conflict D21
D22: Another Truth D22, Gun Rock D22, Pop Sequence DP22, POINT ZERO 2 D22, DIGNITY FULL SONG MIX D22 fullsong, ESCAPE D22, Fires of Destiny D22, Break Out D22, Black Swan D22, Black Swan D22, Leakage Voltage D22, Cleaner D22 shortcut, Wedding Crashers D22, THE REVOLUTION D22, Jogging D22, Hypnosis(SynthWulf Mix) D22, Tritium D22, What Happened HD22, Meteo5cience (GADGET mix) D22 remix, Crashday D22 fullsong
D23: What Happened D23, Papasito (feat. KuTiNA) D23 fullsong, Stardust Overdrive D23, Dream To Nightmare D23, Death Moon D23 shortcut, Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ D23, Your Mind D23, King of Sales D23, Superman D23, Mr. Larpus D23, Necromancy D23, Final Audition Ep.1 D23, Lepton Strike D23, Kasou Shinja D23, Requiem D23, Chase Me D23, Elise D23
D24: Sarabande D24, A Site De La Rue D24, Imprinting D24, Prime Time DP24 remix, Dignity D24, Dignity D24, Time for the moon night D24 fullsong, Annihilator Method D24, V3 D24, V3 D24, Uranium D24, DESTRUCIMATE D24, Infinity D24, Trashy Innocence D24, Banya-P Guitar Remix D24 remix, Vulcan D24 remix