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Skill: Drill

Top singles charts

S7: To the Top S7, Bee S7, Requiem S7, Xuxa S7, Two Guys S7, What's Goin On S7, Energizer S7, THE REVOLUTION S7, Rave'til the earth's end S7, Cross Time S7, MATADOR S7, Pop The Track S7, Ra S7, Super Capriccio S7, Riders, Unite! S7, Flying duck S7, Rave 'til the Earth's End S7, Take On Me S7, Mother S7, Cowgirl S7
S8: 80's pop S8, Cosmical Rhythm S8, The Reverie S8, A Site De La Rue S8, PICK ME S8, Magic S8, Up & Up (Produced by AWAL) S8, Red Swan S8, One Two Three Go! S8, Mr. Fire Fighter Falls In Love With Me S8 remix, Ineffective Boss Without Power S8, NUMBER NINE S8, Everybody S8, Guitar Man S8 fullsong, Final Audition 3 S8, Walkie Talkie Man S8, Black Dragon S8, Cannon X.1 S8, BEDLAM S8, Switchback S8
S9: An Interesting View S9, Guitar Man S9, Tales of Pumpnia S9, Robot battle S9, Pop The Track S9, The Next Step S9, Chaotic WHITE S9, Set Me Up S9, Stardust Overdrive S9, The Little Prince (Prod. Godic) S9, BBoom BBoom S9, Style On My Speed Dial S9, We Are Loud S9, First Love S9, Take Me Back S9, Turbo Remix S9 remix, The World Remix S9 remix, Swing the House S9
S10: Witch Doctor S10, Bee S10, Money S10, Heavy Rotation S10 shortcut, MATADOR S10, Hot Issue S10, Repentance S10, Repentance S10, Get Up (and go) S10, Log In S10, Hey U S10, Flying duck S10, Coalesce S10, The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog S10, La La La S10, BANG BANG BANG S10, Broken Karma (PIU EDIT) S10, Wedding Crashers S10, Kill Them! S10, Leakage Voltage S10
S11: Conflict S11, NUMBER NINE S11, Requiem S11, Summer of Love S11, Clematis Rapsodia S11, Imprinting S11, Hellfire S11, All I Want For X-Mas S11, Boom Digi Da S11, Sad Salsa S11, Milky Way Galaxy S11, Bambole S11, X-Rave S11, Bee S11, Summer (Speedy Mix) S11, Pop Sequence S11, Extravaganza S11, A Site De La Rue S11, FFF S11
S12: Kitty Cat S12, Kitty Cat S12, 80's pop S12, Perfect! S12, Join the Party S12, Cross Time S12, Hot Issue [Alternate Version] S12, Incognito S12, Storm S12, Move That Body S12, Sarabande S12, Turkey March S12, Le Grand Bleu S12, Ladybug S12, Dance With Me S12, Tritium S12, Renai Yuusha S12, Cosmic Unconsciousness S12, Break Out S12, Born to be Alive S12
S13: Guitar Man S13, An Interesting View S13, Windmill S13, Perfect! S13, Csikos Post S13, Deadbeat Boyfriend S13, PICK ME S13, Do It Reggae Style S13, Do It Reggae Style S13, We will meet again S13, Papasito (feat. KuTiNA) S13, Don't Don't Go Away (Disko Warp Main Mix) S13, Hyacinth S13, Rolling Christmas S13, Unlikely (Stay With Me) S13, Rock Robotic -OSX Mix- S13, Beethoven Virus S13, Maslo S13, One Night S13, God Mode 2.0 feat. Skizzo S13
S14: Do U Know That-Old School S14, Poseidon S14, Swing the House S14, For You S14, Csikos Post S14, BUNGEE (Fall in Love) S14, Mr. Larpus S14, Dawn of the Apocalypse S14, Anubis S14, Winter S14, Trash Man S14, Zodiac S14, Epilogue S14, Xuxa S14, Death Moon S14, Kimchi Fingers S14, Enhanced Reality S14, Waltz of Doge S14, Wanna S14, Tribe Attacker S14
S15: Bee S15, Rave'til the earth's end S15, Prime Opening S15 shortcut, La Cubanita S15, Final Audition S15, Procedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun Acuerdo S15, Sugar Free S15, Start On Red S15, Conflict S15, Papasito (feat. KuTiNA) S15, Headless Chicken S15, It's my Party S15, Infinity S15, Xuxa S15, Turkey March S15, Queen Of The Red S15, Energizer S15, The Reverie S15, Winter S15, HYPERCUBE S15
S16: Death Moon S16 shortcut, Repentance S16, Repentance S16, Requiem S16, Beat of The War 2 S16, A Maelstrom S16, Broken Karma (PIU EDIT) S16, NX Opening S16 shortcut, Shake it Up S16, Stardust Overdrive S16 shortcut, Compunction S16, Pumptris 8 Bit ver. S16, Cross Time S16, Extravaganza S16, Dr. M S16, Wedding Crashers S16, Betrayer S16, Sarabande S16, Rock the house S16, Dr. M S16
S17: Procedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun Acuerdo S17 fullsong, Selfishness S17, Canon D S17, In The Groove S17, Death Moon S17, Chopsticks Challenge S17, Travel to future S17, Baroque Virus S17, Sugar Free S17, NARCISISTA POR EXCELENCIA S17 fullsong, THE REVOLUTION S17, Selfishness S17 shortcut, HTTP S17, Pumptris 8 Bit ver. S17, Chicken Wing S17, Bring Back The Beat S17, Pump Breakers S17, Tream Vook of the war REMIX S17 remix, You Fall in Me S17, Tritium S17
S18: Procedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun Acuerdo S18, Guitar Man S18, Will-O-The-Wisp S18, Caprice of Otada S18, MATADOR S18, The Festival Of Ghost 2 (Sneak) S18, Moonlight S18, I'm The Best S18 fullsong, Cross Time S18, Sora no shirabe S18, Ineffective Boss Without Power S18, Seize My Day S18, Red Swan S18, No Despair S18 fullsong, Canon D S18, Fires of Destiny S18, Wedding Crashers S18, King of Sales S18, CARMEN BUS S18, Rock the house S18 shortcut
S19: Death Moon S19 shortcut, Bee S19, THE REVOLUTION S19, Pop The Track S19, Requiem S19, Annihilator Method S19, Dream To Nightmare S19, Start On Red S19, Lucid(PIU Edit) S19, Vacuum S19, Beat of The War 2 S19 fullsong, No Despair S19, %X (Percent X) S19, Twist of Fate (feat. Ruriling) S19, Moonlight S19, Indestructible S19, Repeatorment Remix S19 remix, Travel to future S19, Wicked Legend S19, Avalanche S19
S20: CHICKEN WING S20 shortcut, Canon D S20, Log In S20, The Festival Of Ghost 2 (Sneak) S20, Beat of The War 2 S20 fullsong, Pink Fuzzy Bunnies S20, We Got 2 Know S20, Chimera S20, Mr. Larpus S20, CROSS SOUL S20, DJ Otada S20, Fires of Destiny S20, Le Grand Bleu S20, Dual Racing S20, Avalanquiem S20 remix, Desaparecer S20 remix, Allegro Furioso S20, Vacuum Cleaner S20 remix
S21: Canon D S21, WI-EX-DOC-VA S21 remix, Dawn of The Apocalypse S21 fullsong, Stardream (feat. Romelon) S21, Bemera S21 shortcut, THE REVOLUTION S21, Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) S21 shortcut, Hyacinth S21, Shub Niggurath S21, Dawn of the Apocalypse S21, Telling Fortune Flower S21, EXTRA BanYa Remix S21 remix, King of Sales S21, Sorceress Elise S21, Mental Rider S21, PARADOXX S21 remix, Cannon X.1 S21, Imprinting S21, Baroque Virus S21 fullsong, Nyarlathotep S21
S22: Death Moon S22 shortcut, Conflict S22, Banya-P Guitar Remix S22 remix, Shub Niggurath S22 shortcut, Gargoyle S22, Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) S22, Arirang S22, Repentance S22, Repentance S22, Desaparecer S22 remix, Banya-P Classic Mix S22 remix, Indestructible S22, video out c S22, CROSS SOUL S22, Vulcan S22 remix, Dignity S22
S23: Dement ~After Legend~ S23, Gargoyle S23 fullsong, Gargoyle S23 fullsong, PARADOXX S23 remix, Allegro Con Fuoco S23 fullsong, Good Night S23
S24: Pine Nut S24, Crashday S24, BEMERA S24 remix, Shub Niggurath S24

Top doubles charts

D7: Procedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun Acuerdo D7 fullsong, Riders, Unite! D7, One Two Three Go! D7, Take On Me D7, Csikos Post HD7, I Think I Like That Sound D7, Seize My Day D7, Everybody D7, Mad5cience HD7, Gentleman Quality HD7, Really Really D7, Temptation D7, Swing Baby D7, Step On It HD7, Acquaintance D7, Epilogue D7, Huu Yah Yeah D7, A Prison Without Bars HD7, Lovely D7 fullsong
D8: NUMBER NINE D8, Do U Know That-Old School DP8, No Despair D8, BBoom BBoom D8, Bring Back The Beat D8, Zzanga HD8, You Fall in Me D8
D9: Bee HD9, Bullfighting's Song D9, Requiem D9, Hellfire D9, Starian D9, Sugar Eyes D9, Pop The Track D9, Love Eternal HD9, Guitar Man DP9 fullsong, Memory D9
D10: One Last Chance D10, Don't Don't Go Away (Disko Warp Main Mix) HD10, Monkey Fingers D10, Kitty Cat HD10, Kitty Cat HD10, Caprice of Otada D10, La Cubanita D10, Hey U D10, Cannon X.1 D10, Log In D10, HTTP D10, Switronic D10, GOOD BYE D10, Master of Puppets D10, Guitar Man D10
D11: Milky Way Galaxy D11, Life is PIANO D11, Get Up (and go) D11, Bee D11, Beat of The War 2 HD11, Avalanche D11, Papasito (feat. KuTiNA) D11, The Little Prince (Prod. Godic) D11, Unforgettable Memory D11, Clockwork Genesis HD11, Turkey March -Minimal Tunes- D11
D12: Red Swan D12, The Neon Underground D12, Travel to future D12, Poco Loco D12, The Reverie D12, HOT D12, Euphoria HD12, Born to be Alive D12, Slightly D12, Break Out D12, Allegro Piu Mosso D12
D13: Conflict D13, Guitar Man D13, Renai Yuusha D13, Rock Robotic -OSX Mix- D13, For You D13, Point Break D13, Beethoven Virus HD13, Dream To Nightmare D13, La La La D13, Rock the house D13, Digan Lo Que Digan D13, Snow Dream D13, FFF D13
D14: Dawn of the Apocalypse D14, Windmill D14, Jam O Beat D14, In The Groove D14, We Are Loud D14, Don't Don't Go Away (Disko Warp Main Mix) D14, Space Fantasy D14, Point Break D14, One Night D14, Ugly Dee D14, Mother D14
D15: Prime Opening D15 shortcut, NUMBER NINE D15, Haven D15, Hypnosis(SynthWulf Mix) HD15, Sudden Romance (PIU Edit) D15, Deadbeat Boyfriend D15, NEKKOYA (PICK ME) D15, Csikos Post D15, Le Code de Bonne Conduite D15, Oasis D15, Ai, Yurete... D15, Starry Night D15, Very Old Couples D15, Kitty Cat D15, Kitty Cat D15, Allegro Furioso D15, Helix D15, Black Swan D15, Trash Man D15, Chaotic WHITE D15
D16: Procedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun Acuerdo D16, Canon D HD16, Procedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun Acuerdo D16 shortcut, Chopsticks Challenge D16, La Cubanita D16, Csikos Post D16, Sugar Free D16, Stardust Overdrive D16, Poseidon D16, You Fall in Me D16, Scorpion King D16, She Likes Pizza D16, Chicken Wing HD16, Radius D16, Karyawisata D16, Yog-Sothoth D16 shortcut, Electric D16, King of the Beats D16, La Cinquantaine D16, PICK ME D16
D17: Xuxa D17, Xuxa D17, Cross Time D17, Silhouette Effect D17 shortcut, Repentance D17, Stardust Overdrive D17 shortcut, The People didn't know HD17, You Fall in Me D17, Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) D17, Chicken Wing D17, F(R)IEND D17, Rising Star D17, Extravaganza D17, Winter D17, Mr. Larpus D17, Sorceress Elise D17, YOU AND I D17, Canon D D17, ASDF D17, Lepton Strike D17
D18: Travel to future D18, Death Moon D18 shortcut, She Likes Pizza D18, Caprice of Otada D18, Canon D D18, Shake it Up D18, Requiem D18, Selfishness D18 shortcut, Papasito (feat. KuTiNA) D18, Final Audition Ep. 2-2 D18, The Reverie D18, Rippin' It Up D18, Selfishness D18, Cosmical Rhythm D18, Club Night D18, Utopia D18, In The Groove D18, Do U Know That-Old School D18, Waltz of Doge D18, No.3 D18 fullsong
D19: Procedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun Acuerdo D19, Guitar Man D19, THE REVOLUTION D19, Bee D19, Extravaganza D19, Seize My Day D19, MATADOR D19, Ineffective Boss Without Power D19, A Maelstrom D19, King of Sales D19, Bring Back The Beat D19, Allegro Piu Mosso D19, Wedding Crashers D19, Switronic D19, Robot battle D19, Queen Of The Red D19, Log In D19, Avalanche D19, Tritium D19, Chase Me D19
D20: For You D20, Pop The Track D20, Beat of The War 2 D20 fullsong, Lucid(PIU Edit) D20, Annihilator Method D20, Red Swan D20, Sora no shirabe D20, Indestructible D20, Avalanche D20, D D20, No Despair D20 fullsong, Cross Time D20, Twist of Fate (feat. Ruriling) D20, Baroque Virus D20, The Festival Of Ghost 2 (Sneak) D20, Renai Yuusha D20, Hyun Jin Young Go Jin Young Go D20, Moonlight D20, msgoon RMX pt.6 D20 remix, Hestia D20
D21: Bee D21, V3 D21, V3 D21, Canon D D21, Vacuum D21, Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) D21 shortcut, Moonlight D21, Red Swan D21, Dawn of the Apocalypse D21, Wicked Legend D21, Mission Possible -Blow Back- D21, No Despair D21, Tream Vook of the war REMIX D21 remix, Break It Down D21, Imprinting D21, Iolite Sky D21, Feel My Happiness D21, Conflict D21, Caprice of Otada D21, Imagination D21
D22: Cross Time D22, Stardream (feat. Romelon) D22, FFF D22, Pavane D22, Tream Vook of the war REMIX D22 remix, Rock the house D22, THE REVOLUTION D22, Extravaganza D22 shortcut, Wedding Crashers D22, Black Swan D22, Black Swan D22, Indestructible D22, Fires of Destiny D22, ESCAPE D22, Crashday D22 fullsong, Caprice of DJ Otada D22 remix, Donatello D22, Cleaner D22, Seize My Day D22, Skeptic D22
D23: Requiem D23, WI-EX-DOC-VA D23 remix, Canon D D23, Witch Doctor D23, Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ D23 shortcut, Shub Niggurath D23 shortcut, Canon D FULL Song Mix D23 fullsong, Gargoyle D23, King of Sales D23, Repentance D23, Dream To Nightmare D23, Baroque Virus D23 fullsong, Telling Fortune Flower D23, Final Audition Ep. 2-2 D23, Desaparecer D23 remix, Nyarlathotep D23, Hellfire D23
D24: Conflict D24, Canon D FULL Song Mix D24 fullsong, Banya-P Guitar Remix D24 remix, THE REVOLUTION D24, Achluoias D24, Vulcan D24 remix, Robot battle D24, Imprinting D24, Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) D24, Prime Time DP24 remix, Good Night D24, Nyarlathotep D24 shortcut