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Skill: Far diagonal twist

Top singles charts

S8: Guitar Man S8 fullsong, Chicago Club Mix S8 remix, Last Rebirth S8, We will meet again S8, It's Over Now S8, Witch Doctor #1 S8
S9: You Got Me Crazy S9, Up & Down S9, Jogging S9, No.3 S9, Rainspark S9, Turbo Remix S9 remix, Shanghai Romance S9, Love is a Danger Zone pt. 2 S9
S10: First Love (Techno Mix) S10, Circus Magic S10, Life is PIANO S10
S11: Virtual Emotion S11, Bee S11, Rockhill S11, Requiem S11, Lucid(PIU Edit) S11
S12: First Love (Techno Mix) S12, Heel and Toe S12, A Prison Without Bars S12, Bonaccia S12, My Way S12, B.P Classic Remix S12 remix
S13: Banya Classic Remix S13 remix, Do It Yourself S13
S14: Bemera S14 shortcut, Electrock S14, Trotpris S14 shortcut, My Way S14, Banya-P Classic Mix S14 remix, Chimera S14, Napalm S14
S15: Starian S15, Beat of The War S15, Love is a Danger Zone (try To B.P.M.) S15 remix, Bee S15, Fire Noodle Challenge S15 remix, U Inside My Dim Memory S15 fullsong
S16: Final Audition Ep. 2-2 S16, Rooftop S16, Chimera S16, Rock the house S16
S17: Walkie Talkie Man S17, Allegro Furioso S17, 80's pop S17, Pumptris Quattro S17, Hestia S17, Baroque Virus S17, VERY NICE S17, LOVE SCENARIO S17, Selfishness S17 shortcut
S18: Procedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun Acuerdo S18 shortcut, Witch Doctor #1 S18, Higgledy Piggledy S18, Jogging S18, Xenesis S18, You Got Me Crazy S18
S19: U Got 2 Know S19, Loki S19, Faster Z S19, What Do You Really Want? S19, Love is a Danger Zone S19, Bad Apple!! (feat. Nomico) S19, Tales of Pumpnia S19, Imagination S19, Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) S19, Phantom S19, Scorpion King S19
S20: Love is a Danger Zone S20 shortcut, Let's Get the Party Started S20, What Do You Really Want? S20, Hyperion S20 shortcut, Final Audition EP. 2-X S20 shortcut, Love Is A Danger Zone (Cranky Mix) S20, Crossing Delta S20, Kokugen Kairou Labyrinth S20, 8 6 S20, Kokugen Kairou Labyrinth S20
S21: 8 6 S21 fullsong, PRIME S21, Adrenaline Blaster S21, Extravaganza S21, Leakage Voltage S21, The Reverie S21

Top doubles charts

D7: EXTRA Hip-Hop Remix D7 remix, Really Really D7, Kiss Me D7, Hatred DP7, Empire of the Sun HD7, EXTRA Deux Remix D7 remix, Power Trip D7, Koul D7, All I Want For X-Mas D7, Just a Girl D7, Emperor D7
D9: Guitar Man DP9 fullsong, Perfect! HD9, She Likes Pizza D9
D10: It's my Party D10
D11: Ugly Dee D11, Infection HD11, Bee D11
D12: Mr. Larpus HD12, Xuxa D12, Vook HD12, Money D12, Queen Of The Red D12, Flamenco D12, Arirang D12, Gothique Resonance D12
D13: It's My Business HD13, First Love (Techno Mix) D13, Cosmic Unconsciousness D13, Do What You Wanna Do D13, Only You HD13, For You D13, Dance Vibrations D13, Crossing Delta D13, I Want You D13 shortcut
D14: Destination D14, Mr. Larpus D14, Indestructible D14, Necromancy D14, Gargoyle HD14, After a thousand years D14, One Love D14, Lion's Roar D14
D15: Chimera HD15, Extravaganza D15 shortcut, Do It Reggae Style D15, Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ D15 shortcut, Melodia D15, WI-EX-DOC-VA D15 remix, Redline D15, Born to be Alive D15
D16: Nyarlathotep D16, Chimera D16, It's my Party D16, Another Truth D16, Kimchi Fingers D16, Exotica D16, Extravaganza D16, Imagination D16, Yog-Sothoth D16 shortcut, Love is a Danger Zone (try To B.P.M.) HD16 remix, Ba Be Loo Be Ra D16, What Do You Really Want? D16, Really Really D16
D17: Betrayer D17, Dignity D17, Canon D D17, Mr. Larpus D17
D18: Valenti D18, Heel and Toe D18, Pandora D18 fullsong, Just Kiddin D18, Shake it Up D18, Watch Out D18, Vook D18, Cosmical Rhythm D18, Just Hold on (To All Fighters) D18, Digan Lo Que Digan D18, Dance Vibrations D18, Gotta Go D18
D19: Witch Doctor #1 HD19, Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ D19 shortcut, Shake it Up D19, We Goin' Fly Remix D19, Final Audition Ep. 2-2 D19, Final Audition 2 D19, HYPERCUBE D19, Winter D19, Slam D19, Me Gustas Tu D19
D20: Hyun Jin Young Go Jin Young Go D20, Faster Z D20, Witch Doctor #1 D20, Sugar Conspiracy Theory D20, Rooftop D20, Waltz of Doge D20, Time Attack D20, Right Back Up D20, Forgotten Vampire D20, Forgotten Vampire D20, Gotta Go D20, Tepris D20, PRIME D20, What Do You Really Want? D20
D21: Headless Chicken D21, Shake it Up D21, Let's Get the Party Started D21, Imagination D21, 8 6 D21, I Want You D21 shortcut, HIT D21
D22: Extravaganza D22 shortcut, THE REVOLUTION D22, Black Swan D22, Phalanx "RS2018 Edit" D22, Black Swan D22
D23: Mr. Larpus D23, Love is a Danger Zone (try To B.P.M.) HD23 remix, Danger & Danger D23, Bee D23, VVV D23, Love Is A Danger Zone (Cranky Mix) D23, Kasou Shinja D23
D24: V3 D24, V3 D24