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Skill: Footswitch

Top singles charts

S13: Adios S13, Lovely S13 fullsong, An Interesting View S13, Let's Boogie S13, The Little Prince (Prod. Godic) S13
S14: What Do You Really Want? S14, My Best Day is Gone S14, HEART RABBIT COASTER S14, Melodia S14, Awakening S14
S15: Final Audition S15, Utopia (The Trinity) S15, Kiss Me S15, Love is a Danger Zone (try To B.P.M.) S15 remix
S16: Swing Baby S16, Starry Night S16, Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) S16, Valenti S16, Smile Diary S16, Nina PXNDX Mix S16 remix
S17: U Got Me Rocking S17, Bad End Night S17, Native S17, Turkey March -Minimal Tunes- S17, Toccata S17, Allegro Piu Mosso S17, Dawgs In Da House S17, Travel to future S17
S18: Miss's Story S18, Procedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun Acuerdo S18
S19: Hyun Jin Young Go Jin Young Go S19, Passacaglia S19, STOP! & Go S19, Bad End Night S19, What Do You Really Want? S19, Chimera S19, Annihilator Method S19, Phantom S19, Smile Diary S19
S20: Hypnosis(SynthWulf Mix) S20, What Do You Really Want? S20
S21: Loki S21, Beat of The War 2 S21, Headless Chicken S21, Napalm S21, WI-EX-DOC-VA S21 remix
S22: Banya-P Classic Mix S22 remix, Nyarlathotep S22 shortcut, BEDLAM S22

Top doubles charts

D13: HEART RABBIT COASTER D13, Turn Around D13, My Brother is Street Singer D13, Dream To Nightmare D13, Dance Vibrations D13, Come to Me D13
D14: Can Can D14, Windmill D14, Shiny Day D14
D15: Napalm D15, Banya-P Classic Mix D15 remix, XTREE D15, Foxy Lady D15
D16: Campanella D16, Heart Breaker D16 fullsong, Energizer HD16, Exotica D16, Take Me Back D16, Can't Nobody D16 fullsong, Love is a Danger Zone (try To B.P.M.) HD16 remix
D17: Into My Dream (Kaveh Azizi Remix) D17, Kiss Me D17, Emperor D17, Ignition Starts D17
D18: BEMERA D18 remix, Last Rebirth D18, Just Kiddin D18, Virtual Emotion D18
D19: Final Audition Ep. 2-2 D19, Overblow D19
D20: Avalanche D20, It's My Business D20 fullsong, Tell Me A Story (Compendium Mix) D20, Hyun Jin Young Go Jin Young Go D20
D22: Extravaganza D22 shortcut, Cross Time D22, Hypnosis(SynthWulf Mix) D22, XTREE D22
D23: Hasse Mich D23