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Skill: Hold footswitch

Top singles charts

S12: My Friend S12
S13: Deadbeat Boyfriend S13, Wake Up S13
S14: Power of Dream S14
S15: Bad Apple!! (feat. Nomico) S15
S17: J Knows That Old Bong S17 remix
S20: Le Grand Rouge S20, Log In S20, Poseidon S20
S21: Poseidon S21 shortcut, Pop Sequence S21, Mental Rider S21
S22: Shub Niggurath S22 shortcut
S23: GLORIA S23, Good Night S23

Top doubles charts

D10: Arch of Darkness HD10, Smart Optics D10, Don't Don't Go Away (Disko Warp Main Mix) HD10, Another Truth HD10, Chopstix HD10
D11: Ugly Dee D11, In The Night D11
D12: Gun Rock HD12, What Happened D12, Memory D12, You Bring The Rain D12
D13: Beethoven Virus HD13
D14: Anubis D14, Tribe Attacker D14, Gargoyle HD14
D15: Prime Opening D15 shortcut
D16: U Inside My Dim Memory HD16
D18: Rock the house D18
D19: I'll Give You All My Love D19
D20: Clue D20
D22: Le Grand Rouge D22
D23: Shub Niggurath D23 shortcut, Kasou Shinja D23, Love Is A Danger Zone (Cranky Mix) D23
D24: BEDLAM D24, Harmagedon D24, Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) D24, Banya-P Guitar Remix D24 remix