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Skill: Run

Top singles charts

S7: Let the Sunshine S7, Gargoyle S7, Love is a Danger Zone S7, Super Fantasy S7, Kasou Shinja S7, Red Snow S7, Slapstick Parfait S7, Ragnarok S7, Karyawisata S7, Starian S7, Travel to future S7, CROSS OVER feat. LyuU S7, Extravaganza S7, What's Goin On S7, YOU AND I S7, Frozen S7, Sugar Plum S7, Pop The Track S7, PRIME S7, Force of Ra S7
S8: Guitar Man S8 fullsong, Winter S8, Switronic S8, Last Rebirth S8, Waltz of Doge S8, Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ S8, Cannon X.1 S8, BSPower Explosion S8, Blaze Emotion (Band Version) S8, NUMBER NINE S8, Com'Back S8, A Site De La Rue S8, Scorpion King S8, Club Night S8, Temptation S8, Reality S8, JANUS S8, Cutie Song S8, Anguished Unmaking S8, Circus Magic S8
S9: Xuxa S9, Heavy Rotation S9, Till the end of time S9, Overblow2 S9, Overblow2 S9, Enhanced Reality S9, Robot battle S9, Destination S9 shortcut, Energizer S9, Kasou Shinja S9, Gargoyle S9, Achluoias S9, Vook S9, Switchback S9, Gotta Go S9, Uranium S9, Death Moon S9 shortcut, Rave Until The Night Is Over S9, Avalanche S9, Deadbeat Boyfriend S9
S10: Money S10, Switronic S10 shortcut, Heavy Rotation S10 shortcut, Dance Vibrations S10, First Love (Techno Mix) S10, Karyawisata S10, Feel My Happiness S10, Reminiscence S10, Moment Day S10, Elise S10, Trashy Innocence S10, Telling Fortune Flower S10, GOOD BYE S10, Pump me Amadeus S10, RE-RAVE S10, Beat of The War 2 S10, GLORIA S10, Turkey March -Minimal Tunes- S10, Gargoyle S10, Just Hold on (To All Fighters) S10
S11: Poseidon S11 shortcut, Mr. Larpus S11, Maria S11, Love is a Danger Zone S11, I Want You S11 shortcut, Black Dragon S11, Virtual Emotion S11, Pump me Amadeus S11, THE REVOLUTION S11, Extravaganza S11, Switronic S11, I Want U S11, Shub Niggurath S11, Bee S11, A Site De La Rue S11, BSPower Explosion S11, Phalanx "RS2018 Edit" S11, Rockhill S11, XX OPENING S11 shortcut, Obliteration S11
S12: CARMEN BUS S12, Bring Back The Beat S12, Danger & Danger S12, Hold The Line S12, First Love (Techno Mix) S12, So S12, Turkey March S12, Love is a Danger Zone S12, PRIME2 Opening S12 shortcut, Destination S12, Force of Ra S12, Creed - 1st Desire - S12, Starry Night S12 fullsong, Sora no shirabe S12, JANUS S12, Skeptic S12, Donatello S12, Imagination S12, Cleaner S12, Top City S12
S13: Love is a Danger Zone S13 shortcut, Indestructible S13, Dance All Night S13, Handsome Character That Pass S13, Mexi Mexi S13, Yog-Sothoth S13 shortcut, Robot battle S13, God Mode 2.0 feat. Skizzo S13, Big Beat S13, Butterfly S13, Forgotten Vampire S13, Telling Fortune Flower S13, NX2 K-Pop Remix 3 S13 remix, Tream Vook of the war REMIX S13 remix, God Mode feat. skizzo S13, Ladybug S13, Forward S13, Final Audition Ep.1 S13, Le Grand Rouge S13, Orbit Stabilizer S13
S14: Poseidon S14 shortcut, Bemera S14 shortcut, Chimera S14, Sudden Romance (PIU Edit) S14, Money S14, Kiss Me S14, Dignity S14, Mr. Larpus S14, Hayuga S14, Accelerator S14, Rainspark S14, Fighting Spirits S14, Can Can S14, Shake That Bootie S14, HEART RABBIT COASTER S14, Switronic S14 shortcut, Dolly KiSS S14, GLORIA S14, Turbo Remix S14 remix, Throw'em Up S14
S15: Hyperion S15 shortcut, Love is a Danger Zone S15, Winter S15, Right Back Up S15, DIGNITY FULL SONG MIX S15 fullsong, Do it! S15, HUSH S15 fullsong, DJ Nightmare S15, Switchback S15, Reality S15, Switronic S15, Starian S15, Loner S15, B.P.M. Collection 1(Auditions) S15, Trotpris S15 shortcut, Dement ~After Legend~ S15, By chance S15, Scorpion King S15, The People didn't know S15, Enjoy! Enjoy! S15
S16: Enhanced Reality S16, Heart Attack S16, July -Euromix- S16, Final Audition 2 S16, Orbit Stabilizer S16, Just Hold on (To All Fighters) S16, I Want U S16, Radius S16, Faster Z S16, Hi-Bi S16, The Festival Of Ghost 2 (Sneak) S16, Super Fantasy S16, Que viva la vida S16, I'll Give You All My Love S16, BEMERA S16 remix, Final Audition 3 S16, A Maelstrom S16, Rippin' It Up S16, Chimera S16, Ragnarok S16
S17: Acquaintance S17, Virtual Emotion S17, The Next Step S17, You Fall in Me S17, Waltz of Doge S17, Interference S17, msgoon RMX pt.3 S17 remix, Move That Body! S17 shortcut, Beethoven Virus S17, PRIME2 Opening S17 shortcut, U Got Me Rocking S17 shortcut, Tepris S17, Blaze Emotion S17, Sarabande S17 shortcut, Conflict S17, Electric S17, B.P.M. Collection 4(etc.Mix) S17, Solitary 2 S17, Canon D S17, Windmill S17
S18: Overblow S18 shortcut, Poseidon S18 shortcut, Switronic S18 shortcut, Procedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun Acuerdo S18 shortcut, Ignition Starts S18, Final Audition 3 S18 shortcut, Heart Attack S18, Switronic S18, Digan Lo Que Digan S18 fullsong, Gargoyle S18, Feel The Soul S18 fullsong, Handsome Character That Pass S18, Forgotten Vampire S18, Robot battle S18, U Got Me Rocking S18, Like Me S18, Silhouette Effect S18 shortcut, Says S18, What Happened S18, Super Capriccio S18
S19: Super Fantasy S19 shortcut, THE REVOLUTION S19, Orbit Stabilizer S19, I Want U S19, Love is a Danger Zone S19, I Want You S19 shortcut, Hi-Bi S19, Super Fantasy S19, Scorpion King S19, Mission Possible -Blow Back- S19, DIGNITY FULL SONG MIX S19 fullsong, Loki S19, Sarabande S19 shortcut, Waltz of Doge S19, Sudden Romance (PIU Edit) S19, Broken Karma (PIU EDIT) S19, Moonlight S19 shortcut, Destination S19, Chimera S19, Phalanx "RS2018 Edit" S19
S20: Hyperion S20 shortcut, Witch Doctor S20 shortcut, Poseidon S20, Super Fantasy S20, Gargoyle S20 fullsong, Energy [Alternate Version] S20, U Got 2 Know S20, Mr. Larpus S20, Acquaintance S20 fullsong, Ragnarok S20, Karyawisata S20, Love is a Danger Zone S20 shortcut, Dignity S20, Dignity S20, Let's Get the Party Started S20, Le Grand Rouge S20, Gothique Resonance S20, Log In S20, Destination S20, Kasou Shinja S20
S21: Baroque Virus S21 fullsong, Poseidon S21 shortcut, God Mode 2.0 feat. Skizzo S21, Gargoyle S21 fullsong, Just Hold on (To All Fighters) S21, CARMEN BUS S21, Cannon X.1 S21, Final Audition Ep. 2-1 S21, Broken Karma (PIU EDIT) S21, Bemera S21 shortcut, Orbit Stabilizer S21, King of Sales S21, Beethoven Influenza S21 remix, 1949 S21, Gargoyle S21 fullsong, Donatello S21, Elise S21, Hard Core Rock Mix S21 remix, Hardkore of the North S21, Cleaner S21 shortcut
S22: Gargoyle S22, Mr. Larpus S22, Dignity S22, Conflict S22, Robot battle S22, Full Moon S22 fullsong, Harmagedon S22, Vulcan S22 remix, Avalanche S22, Harmagedon S22, Avalanche S22, Allegro Con Fuoco S22, Faster Z S22, Desaparecer S22 remix, Full Moon S22, Creed - 1st Desire - S22 fullsong, Skeptic S22, Club Night S22, VVV S22, Further S22
S23: Gargoyle S23 fullsong, Gargoyle S23 fullsong, Dement ~After Legend~ S23, VVV S23, Chimera S23, Allegro Con Fuoco S23 fullsong, Kokugen Kairou Labyrinth S23, Kokugen Kairou Labyrinth S23, 1949 S23, Crashday S23, Avalanquiem S23 remix, Good Night S23, Cleaner S23, Bemera S23 shortcut, PARADOXX S23 remix, Fire Noodle Challenge S23 remix, Annihilator Method S23, GLORIA S23, Sorceress Elise S23, Final Audition Ep. 2-X S23
S24: BEMERA S24 remix, Crashday S24, ESCAPE S24, Shub Niggurath S24, Skeptic S24, Leather S24 remix, Pine Nut S24, Achluoias S24, Xeroize S24

Top doubles charts

D7: Overblow2 D7, Overblow2 D7, Transacaglia in G-minor D7, Jogging D7, Que viva la vida D7, Last Rebirth D7, Move Your Head D7, Lovely D7 fullsong, Rooftop D7, Kiss Me D7, Tribal Style HD7, Swing Baby D7, Hatred DP7, Dance Vibrations HD7, Step On It HD7, Starry Night D7, D Gang D7, Just a Girl D7, Witch Doctor #1 DP7, Dance With Me HD7
D8: Love is a Danger Zone HD8, July -Euromix- D8, Houseplan D8, Breathing You In D8, Night Duty D8, Swing Baby HD8, Just a Girl HD8, Sorceress Elise D8, Cosmic Unconsciousness HD8, Circus Magic D8, Repeatorment Remix D8 remix, Nina PXNDX Mix D8 remix, Setsuna Trip D8, BRAIN POWER D8, Asterios -ReEntry- D8, Chocolate D8 fullsong, Beethoven Virus D8, BBoom BBoom D8, Poseidon D8, Nobody D8
D9: Oasis D9, My Brother is Street Singer HD9, Just Kiddin D9, Guitar Man DP9 fullsong, Turkey March D9, Pop The Track D9, Mr. Fire Fighter Falls In Love With Me D9 remix, Anguished Unmaking D9, It's my Party HD9, Zzanga D9, Temptation HD9, Hello William D9, Groovin' Motion D9, Starian D9, Moment Day HD9, Ragnarok D9, Kill Them! D9, Awakening D9, Rainspark D9, Utopia D9
D10: Scorpion King D10, Hold The Line HD10, Reminiscence D10, Danger & Danger D10, Switronic D10, I am Your Girl D10, Beat of The War HD10, RE-RAVE D10, What's Goin On HD10, Clue D10, GOOD BYE D10, Swing Baby Swing D10, Passing Rider D10, Cannon X.1 D10, Tritium D10, Winter D10 shortcut, Rage of Fire D10, Idealized Romance D10, Like A Man D10, Native D10
D11: Winter D11, Like Me D11, Bee D11, Enhanced Reality D11, Dignity D11, Love Is A Danger Zone (Cranky Mix) HD11, Turkey March -Minimal Tunes- D11, Bad Character D11, Sugar Plum D11, Energizer D11, Milky Way Galaxy D11, Forgotten Vampire D11, Rave Until The Night Is Over D11, Monkey Magic HD11, Infection HD11, Papasito (feat. KuTiNA) D11, Uranium D11, msgoon RMX pt.3 D11 remix, Hyperion D11, Chase Me D11
D12: Switronic D12 shortcut, Money D12, Winter HD12, A Site De La Rue D12, Just Hold on (To All Fighters) D12, Club Night D12, Mr. Larpus HD12, Get Up! D12, Love is a Danger Zone HD12, Overblow D12, Seize My Day D12, Kasou Shinja D12, Interference D12, Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ D12, Round and Round D12, Nemesis D12, Gargoyle D12, Vook HD12, Rockhill D12, Waltz of Doge D12
D13: I Want You D13 shortcut, I Want U D13, CARMEN BUS D13, Maria D13, Telling Fortune Flower D13, Fiesta D13, NX2 K-Pop Remix 3 D13 remix, Let the Sunshine D13, Robot battle D13, Tales of Pumpnia D13, Stardust Overdrive D13, X Treme D13, Ragnarok D13, Achluoias D13, Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ HD13 shortcut, Phalanx "RS2018 Edit" D13, Don't Bother Me D13, BSPower Explosion D13, Broken Karma (PIU EDIT) D13, Ladybug D13
D14: Poseidon D14 shortcut, Mr. Larpus D14, Indestructible D14, Handsome Character That Pass D14, D Gang D14, Trotpris D14 shortcut, Fist of Fury D14, JANUS D14, Full Moon D14, Destination D14, Forgotten Vampire D14, Beat of The War 2 D14, Skeptic D14, CHICKEN WING D14 shortcut, Fire D14, Monolith D14, The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog D14, Smart Optics D14, Tritium D14, Lion's Roar D14
D15: Mexi Mexi D15, D Gang D15, Redline D15, Monolith HD15, Monkey Magic D15, Pump me Amadeus HD15, HYPERCUBE D15, Love is a Danger Zone D15, Danger & Danger D15, Tream Vook of the war REMIX D15 remix, Final Audition D15, Mexi Mexi D15, Fighting Spirits D15, Reality HD15, Kiss Me D15, Maria D15, Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ D15 shortcut, Very Old Couples D15, Oasis D15, Valenti D15
D16: Money D16, Chimera D16, Shake That Bootie D16, Final Audition 3 D16 shortcut, Que viva la vida D16, Adios D16, Another Truth D16, HUSH D16 fullsong, Conga D16, Dignity HD16, Extravaganza D16, Switronic D16, By chance D16, Karyawisata D16, Kimchi Fingers D16, You Fall in Me D16, GLORIA D16, Switchback D16, FLY D16, Com'Back D16
D17: Mr. Larpus D17, Super Fantasy D17 shortcut, You Fall in Me D17, NX Opening D17 shortcut, Solitary 2 D17 shortcut, Winter D17, Monolith D17, Kiss Me D17, Love is a Danger Zone HD17 shortcut, Dignity D17, Big metra Remix D17 remix, Final Audition 2 D17, Loner D17, Betrayer D17, Take It Off D17, Starian D17, Crashday D17, Phantom -Intermezzo- D17, Blaze Emotion D17, Uranium D17
D18: Switronic D18 shortcut, Virtual Emotion D18, Enhanced Reality D18, Acquaintance D18, The Next Step D18, DIGNITY FULL SONG MIX D18 fullsong, PRIME2 Opening D18 shortcut, Waltz of Doge D18, Orbit Stabilizer D18, Interference D18 fullsong, Sarabande D18 shortcut, Blaze Emotion D18, Super Fantasy HD18, Death Moon D18 shortcut, Move That Body! D18 shortcut, Do it! D18, Like A Man D18, I'll Give You All My Love D18, Mission Possible -Blow Back- D18, Incognito D18
D19: Winter D19, Mental Rider D19, Vook D19, Turkey March HD19, Take Out D19 shortcut, Hi-Bi D19, We Goin' Fly Remix D19, Final Audition 2 D19, Switronic D19, Dignity D19, Mitotsudaira D19, Like Me D19, Tepris D19, Bee D19, Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ D19 shortcut, Sudden Romance (PIU Edit) D19, Turkey March D19, Turkey March D19, HTTP D19, Necromancy D19
D20: Destination D20 shortcut, Hyperion D20, Gargoyle D20, msgoon RMX pt.3 D20 remix, Right Back Up D20, Rock the house D20 shortcut, Scorpion King D20, Waltz of Doge D20, Heart Attack D20, Moonlight D20 shortcut, Love is a Danger Zone D20, Broken Karma (PIU EDIT) D20, Moonlight D20, Forgotten Vampire D20, Forgotten Vampire D20, Redline D20, Tepris D20, Fallen Angel D20, The Festival Of Ghost 2 (Sneak) D20, CARMEN BUS D20
D21: Hyperion D21 shortcut, I Want You D21 shortcut, Poseidon D21 shortcut, Let's Get the Party Started D21, Orbit Stabilizer D21, I Want U D21, Phantom -Intermezzo- D21, Chimera D21, Kasou Shinja HD21 shortcut, Asterios -ReEntry- D21, Mission Possible -Blow Back- D21, Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ D21 shortcut, Final Audition Ep. 2-1 D21, Time for the moon night D21, 1949 D21, Fallen Angel D21, Canon D D21, Indestructible D21, What Happened D21, District 1 D21
D22: Poseidon D22, Super Fantasy D22, Gargoyle D22 fullsong, Gargoyle D22 fullsong, Just Hold on (To All Fighters) D22, Acquaintance D22 fullsong, Love is a Danger Zone 2 D22 shortcut, THE REVOLUTION D22, Bad Apple!! feat. Nomico D22 fullsong, Take Out D22, CARMEN BUS D22, Le Grand Rouge D22, Pumptris 8Bit ver. D22 shortcut, Cannon X.1 D22, Donatello D22, Crashday D22 fullsong, Karyawisata D22, Skeptic D22, Seize My Day D22, DIGNITY FULL SONG MIX D22 fullsong
D23: Gargoyle D23, Baroque Virus D23 fullsong, Take Out D23, Death Moon D23 shortcut, Mr. Larpus D23, Passacaglia D23, Bee D23, Extravaganza Reborn D23, Necromancy D23, After a thousand years D23, Superman D23, Broken Karma (PIU EDIT) D23, Lucid(PIU Edit) D23, Desaparecer D23 remix, Elise D23, King of Sales D23, Orbit Stabilizer D23, Allegro Con Fuoco D23, Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ D23 shortcut, Danger & Danger D23
D24: Conflict D24, Dignity D24, Dignity D24, VANISH D24, Canon D FULL Song Mix D24 fullsong, Full Moon D24 fullsong, Uranium D24, THE REVOLUTION D24, Harmagedon D24, V3 D24, V3 D24, The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog D24, Robot battle D24, Vulcan D24 remix, Sarabande D24, Dement ~After Legend~ D24, A Site De La Rue D24, Full Moon D24, Good Night D24, VVV D24