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Shake it Up - ROD D18 arcade
Predicted difficulty: Easy 18 - 17.17
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15: Prime Opening D15 shortcut, NUMBER NINE D15, Prime Opening S15 shortcut
16: Shake it Up S16, Compunction S16, La Cubanita D16
17: Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) D17, Selfishness S17, Selfishness S17 shortcut
18: Guitar Man S18, Papasito (feat. KuTiNA) D18, Caprice of Otada S18
19: Ineffective Boss Without Power D19, Guitar Man D19, Dream To Nightmare S19
20: The Festival Of Ghost 2 (Sneak) S20, For You D20, Pink Fuzzy Bunnies S20
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