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Switronic - SHK D19 arcade
Pack: XX
Predicted difficulty: Easy-medium 19 - 18.62
Similar charts with Run, Mid4 doubles, Solo diagonal twist, 90 twist, Close diagonal twist:
16: Chimera D16, Nyarlathotep D16, FLY D16
17: 80's pop D17, Solitary 2 D17 shortcut, Betrayer D17
18: Move That Body! D18 shortcut, The Next Step D18, Clockwork Genesis D18
19: Jonathan's Dream D19, The Little Prince (Prod. Godic) D19, Final Audition 2 D19
20: Love is a Danger Zone D20, Pumptris Quattro D20, Scorpion King D20
21: GOOD BYE D21, Hyperion D21 shortcut, Life is PIANO D21
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